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The purpose of Tumble Time is to provide a physical education program at your preschool/childcare facility.  One of the best activities to shape all aspects of physical development is GYMNASTICS!

  • Tumble Time is a parent paid weekly program that can accommodate your space and students.

  • Tumble Time instuctors are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, loving and always put safety first.

  • Tumble Time handles all information to parents.

Tumble Time Develops:

-Self Esteem        -Coordination

-Flexibility        -Strength

-Balance & Body Control

-Large & Fine Motor Skills

-Rhythm & Dance

-Fundamental Sports Skills


All this taught using creative and colorful lesson plans and props that kids will be sure to love!


at your Childcare/Preschool

Fall Session:  September through November
Winter Session:  December through February
Fall Session:  March through May

Each Tumble Time session is divided into 11 weeks of class although you are only paying for 10 weeks.  This allows a little wiggle room for holidays, snow days or any other reason we may need to cancel.

Participating Centers:

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Don't miss out on all the FUN!

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